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Our Advantage

Tenant relationships
In an increasingly complex and challenging retail environment, strong tenant relationships are vital to being a successful investor. Our team's deep tenant relationships allow us to stay ahead of the curve on retailer performance and growth trends, helping us identify submarkets and properties that are well positioned to outperform in both short and long-term horizons.
Market data and intelligence
Despite the prevalence of big data, retail real estate data remains unreliable and institutional investment decisions still rely on word of mouth intelligence. With over 70 leasing professionals in the local market, our leading operating platform provides access to a trove of real-time information that cannot be replicated. Sagamore Hill utilizes a robust proprietary database to give us an analytical competitive edge.

Structural flexibility
Our firm is focused on both short and long-term value creation. We recognize that each property is unique, and we tailor our strategy, business plan and hold period to the needs of each asset, our partners and our investors. We are not tied to specific mandates, we're comfortable with complex deal structures and we work to satisfy the needs of all parties involved in the investment.
Trust and alignment of interests
Our partners average 25 years of industry experience and recognize the value of a strong reputation. Maintaining our investor and partner trust is paramount to our success and we operate our business each and every day with the highest level of integrity.  The partners of Sagamore Hill make substantial personal investments in each transaction, aligning our interests and profits with those of our joint venture partners and investors.

Investment focus
We recognize that real estate is a local business. We have a focused approach and target properties in a single sector where we can leverage our expertise and relationships to maximize returns.  Our team actively leases and manages our investments and can create value where others don't. We leverage our experience investing in other property types to add additional uses or convert properties to their highest and best use when warranted.

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